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Insurance Assistance

Travel Insurance & Local Medical Insurance Assistance


Royal Angkor International Hospital is the 1st hospital where could provide "Cashless Medical Service" in Siem Reap since 2007, and we works with hundreds of world wide travel insurance and local medical insurance comapny as 24 hours service daily.

If you would like to use cashless medical service at Royal Angkor International Hospital, please prepare your own necessary documents as below firstly.



Necessary Doctuments that you need to bring

- Passport / ID Card (with photo)

- Effective Insurance Policy

- Flight Itinerary that is mentioned departure date when you leave from your country

Insurace Process


<Out-Patient Case>

We accept the case that your insurance company confirm payment before your arrival at hospital.

*In the case that you have not contacted your insurance company in advance, we ask you to pay for all medical expense and claim by your self later.




<In-Patient: Hospitalization Case>

1. Our Insurance coordinator will make photo copies of the necessary documents as above.

2. Insurance coordinator start to contact either your insurance company or assistance insurance company.

3. Only the case that we received the Guarantee of Payment from your insurance company officially, we will provide cashless medical service.





Important Notes

Please note that most overseas insurance companies need at least 1 or 2 working days to confirm your eligibility and process cashless service due to time difference between Cambodia and your country.





If you need further information about Travel Insurance, please kindlyt contact us as below.

Tel: (+855) 63 761 888 as 24 Hours Daily

Email: insurance@royalangkorhospital.com