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Health Checkup Clinic

Out - Patient Service: Health Checkup Clinic



Annual Heath Checkup are essential for ensuring your good health as they enable you to maintain your health and detect problems much earlier in their development.


Annually we provide Annual Health Checkup Program & the term valid Health Checkup Program along Cambodian Seasonal Terms to our valued customers.


We offer comprehensive Checkup Programs to suit all customer's and genders everday from 7:00a.m. to 15:00p.m.


Our Service Include

 - Individual Health Checkup

 - Health Checkup for Corporate Clients  (We can arrange special program along requests)

 - Health Insurance

 - Work Permits 




 The Flow of the Health Checkup

 - Registration

   For your initial visit please contact to Registration Department with your identification such as Passport / ID Card / Driver's license and register your name.


 - Health Checkup Clinic

   Physicam measurement, checking vital sign, taking blood sample, EKG, X-ray eam will be performed along your program items.


 -  Medical Consultation

     You will be escorted to private consulation room, and your attending physician explain results.

     Also you have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss regarding your results.




Current Valid Health Checkup Program are


2020 Annual Health Checkup Program: Under Preparing



Hepatitis A / B / C for Screening Package: Under Preparing



Pap Smear Screening Package: Under Preparing